Ted Friedman
Associate Professor
Department of Communication
Georgia State University
University Plaza
Atlanta, GA  30303-3083
(404) 413-5612


Electric Dreams: Computers in American Culture. New York, NY: New York University Press, 2005.

A Centaur Manifesto: Mythos & Logos on the Commons. In progress.


Associate Professor of Communication, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, 2006-.

Freelance Consultant, Brighthouse Communications, Atlanta, GA, 2010-.

Assistant Professor of Communication, Georgia State University, 2000-2006.

Rock Critic, Spin, Vibe, Details, The Source, Bad Subjects, alt.culture, The Village Voice, Nadine, Blender, Stim and Radio On, 1990–1999.

Graduate Student, Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant and Instructor, Duke University, Durham, NC, 1992-99.

Assistant Commissioner, Baseball Manager, Prodigy, 1992.


Duke University, Durham, NC. Ph.D. in Literature, 1999. Dissertation committee: Janice Radway (chair), Fredric Jameson, Barbara Herrnstein Smith, Lawrence Grossberg, Jane Gaines.

Yale University, New Haven, CT. B.A. magna cum laude with distinction in American Studies, 1991.

Journal Articles

The Politics of Magic: Fantasy Media, Nature and Technology in the Twenty-First Century.” Scope 14 (June 2009).

Cast Away and the Contradictions of Product Placement.” Journal of Promotion Management 10.1 (2004): 171-183.

“Reading The Newseum.” Critical Studies in Mass Communication 15.3 (September 1998): 325-335.

“The World of The World of Coca-Cola.” Communication Research 19.5 (October 1992): 642-662.

Book Chapters

Civilization and Its Discontents: Simulation, Subjectivity, and Space.” On a Silver Platter: CD-ROMs and the Promises of a New Technology. Ed. Greg Smith. New York, NY: New York University Press, 1999. 132-150.

“Making Sense of Software: Computer Games and Interactive Textuality.” CyberSociety: Computer-Mediated Communication and Community. Ed. Steven G. Jones. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1995. 73-89.

Other Academic Publications

“Tickling the Ivory Towers.” In Media Res (February 7, 2011).

Farmland: The Garden in the Machine.” In Media Res (December 8, 2010).

“Vertigo.” Flow 10.8 (2009).

“Myth, the Numinous, and Cultural Studies.” Flow 10.5 (2009).

“Tweeting the Dialectic of Technological Determinism.” Flow 10.2 (2009).

“Jung and Lost.” Flow 9.12 (2009).

“Strat-O-Matic and the Baseball Tarot: Sense and Synchronicity in Sports and Games.” Flow 9.7 (2009).

“The Play Paradigm: What Media Studies Can Learn from Computer Game Studies.” Flow 9.3 (2008).

“The Politics of Linux.” Working Paper Series of the Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition. Ed. William Colman. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: McMaster University, 2003. 35-40.

“Richard Stallman” and “Eric Raymond.” Encyclopedia of New Media. Ed. Steven Jones. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2003. 389-391, 419-420.


“Filming the ‘Electronic Brain,’” “Apple’s 1984,” and “Imagining Cyberspace.” Tokyo, Japan: Seikyu-sha Publishing, 2009. Japanese translations of chapters from Electric Dreams.

“Изгой или противоречивый опыт product placement.” Product placement в средствах массовой информации. Ed. Mary-Lou Galician. Moscow, Russia: ETC Publishing Group, 2005. 217-231. Russian translation of “Cast Away and the Contradictions of Product Placement.”

“Capire il Senso del Software: Giochi per Computer e Testualità Interattiva.” Translated by Matteo Bittanti. SimCity: Mappando le Citta Virtuali. Ed. Matteo Bittanti. Milan, Italy: Edizioni Ludicopli, 2004. 66-83. Italian translation of “Making Sense of Software: Computer Games and Interactive Textuality.”


Cast Away and the Contradictions of Product Placement.” Handbook of Product Placement in the Mass Media. Ed. Mary-Lou Galician. Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press, 2004. 171-183. Reprint of essay from Journal of Promotion Management.

“The Semiotics of SimCity.” First Monday 4.4 (April 1999). Reprint of “Making Sense of Software: Computer Games and Interactive Textuality.”

Invited Talks

“Mythos and Logos,” Faerie Escape 2011, Mythic Journeys Institute, Atlanta, GA, June 2011.

“Fantasy and Technology,” Faerie Escape 2010, Mythic Journeys Institute, Atlanta, GA, September 2010.

“Teaching New Media Studies through Play,” Knowledge Futures Forum, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, April 2010.

“Play and the Digital Humanities,” Future of Digital Scholarship Colloquium, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, April 2009.

“The Politics of Magic,” Berry College, Rome, GA, October 2008.

“Blogs and Teaching,” Center for Teaching and Learning Exposition, Georgia State University, March 26, 2003.


Participant,  THATCamp SouthEast 2011, Atlanta, GA, March 2011.

Chair, “The Body Geopolitic,” Rendering the Visible, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, February 2011.

“Open Source Television,” Flow Conference 2010, Austin, TX, October 2, 2010.

“Rethinking Media Studies Through Game Studies,” Flow Conference 2008, Austin, TX, October 11, 2008.

“Why Fantasy? Understanding the Success of the Fantasy Genre in the 21st Century,”  Cultural Studies Association Conference 2007, Portland, OR, April 2007.

Respondent, “Bodily Technologies: From the Edge of Trauma to the Heights of Ecstasy,”  National Communication Association Conference 2003, Miami, FL, November 2003.

“Beyond Napster: Rethinking the Commodification of Music,” Cultural Studies Association Conference 2003, Pittsburgh, PA, April 2003.

“Cast Away and the Contradictions of Product Placement,” National Communication Association Conference 2001, Atlanta, GA, October 2001.

“Linux and Utopia,” Content Providers of the World Unite! The Cultural Politics of Globalization, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, October 2001.

“The Politics of Linux,” Association of Internet Researchers Conference 1.0, Lawrence, KS, September 2000.

“The State of Computer Game Criticism,” Computer Games Come of Age, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Interactive Digital Software Association, Cambridge, MA, February 2000.

Moderator, “Cyborg Subjectivity: Gender in the Posthuman World,” Discipline and Deviance: Genders, Technologies, Machines, Duke University, Durham, NC, October 1998.

“Beyond Hypertext,” Modern Language Association Conference 1997, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, December 1997.

“Making Cyberspace a Household Word,” American Studies Association Conference 1997, Washington, DC, October 1997.

“Apple’s 1984: The Introduction of the Macintosh in the Cultural History of Personal Computers,” Society for the History of Technology Conference 1997, Pasadena, CA, October 1997.

Moderator, “Rock Mediations,” Re-presenting Rock, Duke University, Durham, NC, April 1997.

“Learning to Love Hootie and the Blowfish,” Assault: Radicalism in Aesthetics and Politics, Duke University, Durham, NC, November 1996.

Panelist, “Roundtable: Radicalism in Academia,” Assault: Radicalism in Aesthetics and Politics, Duke University, Durham, NC, November 1996.

“Fandom as a Materialist Aesthetic,” Pierre Bourdieu: Fieldwork in Culture, Duke University, Durham, NC, April 1995.

“Navigating SimCity: Computer Gaming as Cognitive Mapping,” New Metropolitan Forms, Duke University, Durham, NC, April 1994.

Other Media

Blogger. 2005-.

Twitterer. 2010-.

Podcaster. 2005-.

Senior Contributor, alt.culture. Eds. Stephen Daly and Nathaniel Wice. Harper Collins, 1996.

Director, “Goodbye, Kurt Cobain,” 1994.

Director, “Watching Star Trek,”, 1993.

Music Director and DJ, WYBC, Yale University, New Haven, CT, 1989-91.

Editor, Nadine, Yale University, New Haven, CT, 1988-91.

Member, Yale Debate Team, New Haven, CT, 1987-8.

Faculty Affiliations

Digital Humanities Program, Emory University.

Womens Studies Program, Georgia State University

Jewish Studies Program, Georgia State University.

Professional Service

Guest Editor, In Media ResPop Music Week,” February 7-11, 2011.

Editorial Board, Southern Spaces, 2006-.

Reviewer, NYU Press, Routledge, New Media and Society, Critical Studies in Media Communication, M/C, 1999-.


Writing Across the Curriculum Summer Course Development Grant, Georgia State University, 2005.

Summer Research Funding, Georgia State University Department of Communication, 2001-5.

Courses Taught at Georgia State

American Film History I, Film 4170/Comm 6170.

American Film History II, Film 4960/Comm 6960. (Formerly Contemporary Hollywood Cinema.)

Action Movies, Film 4280/Comm 6280.

Comparative Studies in Emerging Media, Comm 8770.

Current Debates in Cultural Studies, Comm 8750/Women’s Studies 8920.

Fantasy and Science Fiction, Film 4280/Comm 6280.

Game Culture and Design, Comm 6910/8790. Interactive Video Workshop, Comm 6380.

Issues and Perspectives in Communication Theory, Comm 6010.

Media and Cultural Studies, Comm 8750/Women’s Studies 8920.

Media and Popular Culture, Film 4810/Journalism 4810.

Media History, Comm 6160.

Myth and Ideology in American Popular Culture, Comm 6160.

Narrative, Myth and Ideology, Comm 8750.

New Directions in Cultural Studies, Comm 8970.

The Politics of Classical Hollywood, Comm 6080.

The Politics of Contemporary Hollywood, Communication 6080/Communication 8750/Women’s Studies 8920.

Courses Taught at Duke

Autobiography and Identity, University Writing Program 5.

Imagining the Future: An Introduction to New Media Technologies, Literature 20c.

Introduction to Cultural Studies, Literature. (Assistant to Janice Radway.)

International Cinema, Literature. (Assistant to Jane Gaines.)

Satire in American Culture, Literature 20b.

Dissertations Directed

RuAnn Keith, Constructing Professionalism: Reifying the Historical Inevitability of Commercialization in Mass Media Communication, 2009.

Bryce McNeil, Articulating the Local Through the Global: The CBLocals Website and Music Scene, 2009.

Jae Ryu, Reality & Effect: A Cultural History of Visual Effects, 2007.

Sumitra Srinivasan, Unglobalization: Open Source and Peer-to-Peer Technologies in India, 2006.

Curt Hersey, A Cultural History of TV News Satire, ongoing.

Shane Toepfer, Play and Fandom in Professional Wrestling, ongoing.

Sarah Toton, Consuming Futures: Robots in Twentieth-Century Popular Culture, ongoing.

Theses Directed

Steven Boyer, L33T Soccer Moms: Conceptions of “Hardcore” and “Casual” in the Digital Games Medium, 2009

Shane Toepfer, Professional Wrestling and the Changing Relationship Between Textual Producers and Consumers, 2006.

Gary Daniels, Lost Worlds: Prehistorical Native American Civilizations of Georgia, 2005.

Hiram Enriquez, Digital Stucco, Convergent Media and Social Consensus in the Postmodern Condition, 2004.

Curt Hersey, Hollywood on Drugs: Representations of Addiction in Films, 2004.

Brandon Amato, Video Game Genres, ongoing.

Michael Besozzi, Alan Moore and Queer Theory, ongoing.

Martin Downing, The Alien’s Journey, ongoing.

Rebecca Jackson, Glitch Art, ongoing

Noel Kirkpatrick, Superflat Aesthetics, ongoing.

Service at GSU

Chair, Communication Film Studies Search, 2005-6.

Director, Workshop for Communication Ph.D. Students on the Job Market, 2005-2006.

Director, Presidential Assistant Program for Communication, 2000-3.

Member, Communication search committees in cultural studies, digital journalism, film history, international media, new media studies, rhetorical theory and television studies. 2000-.

Member, over sixty graduate student committees in GSU Communication and Women’s Studies, Emory University’s Instutute for the Liberal Arts and Digital Humanities program, and Central Queensland University’s graduate school, 2000-.

Member, Communication Undergraduate Committee, 2002-3, 2006-9.

Member, Communication Graduate Committee, 2003-2006.

Member, Jewish Studies Executive Committee, 2002-3.

Member, Communication Research Committee, 2001-2.

Service at Duke

Director, Literature Dissertation Colloquium Series, Duke University, 1997–99.

Graduate Liaison between the Duke Literature Program and the UNC-Chapel Hill Cultural Studies Program, 1997-9.

Member, Working Group on Ethics and Genetics, Kenan Ethics Program, 1998–99.

Awards and Recognition

Interviewed by The New York Times, CNN, Voice of America, The Washington Post, NPR, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,, Expanding Mind and

Electric Dreams reviewed in New Media and Society, Science Fiction Studies, Technology and Culture, Utopian Studies Journal and M/C.

Faculty of the Year, GSU Communication, 2006.

Norman Holmes Pearson Prize for American Studies Thesis, “The World of The World of Coca-Cola,” Yale University, 1991.

A. Edward Meeker Prize for English Composition, “The War of the Tale of the War: Helen’s and Menelaos’s Competing Claims in The Odyssey,” Yale University, 1988.

Harvard University Prize for English Composition, “Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author,” Scarsdale High School, 1987.

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