Electric Dreams

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Electric Dreams: Computers in American Culture (NYU Press 2005), my first book, is a cultural history of computing. It’s now available in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, epub, and your local library.


Here’s the Introduction: “The Dialectic of Technological Determinism”

Here’s Chapter Five: “Apple’s 1984”

Here’s Chapter Six: “The Rise of the Simulation Game.”

Interviews & Reviews

Here’s a chat I gave on WashingtonPost.com about the book.

Here are reviews from New Media and Society, Science Fiction Studies, Media/Culture, Utopian Studies and Technology and Culture.


Here are some recent pieces I’ve published that extend themes of the book:

Tweeting the Dialectic of Technological Determinism.” Flow 10.02 (June 27, 2009).

The Play Paradigm: What Media Studies Can Learn from Game Studies.” Flow 9.03 (December 1, 2008).

Farmville: The Garden in the Machine.” In Media Res (December 8, 2010).

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