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Updates on Tedlog, Tedcast, @tedfriedman, tedfriedman.com, syllabi, & books

I’m in the midst of a blogging-software shift from Movable Type to WordPress, which explains the current inconsistencies between this site (tedfriedman.wordpress.com) and my original website, tedfriedman.com. Eventually I’ll port all of tedfriedman.com over to WordPress, then move this blog itself back to tedfriedman.com, although the tedfriedman.wordpress.com URL should always resolve to right place either way.

In the meantime, until I can unveil tedfriedman.com 3.0, here are links to some of my stuff that’s online:

Tedcast, my podcast, where I post class lectures and interviews. Currently I’m halfway through my two fall 2010 courses: Fantasy & Science Fiction and Media & Cultural Studies.

@tedfriedman, my twitter feed.

My current project, A Centaur Manifesto.

My first book, Electric Dreams: Computers and American Culture (NYU Press, 2005).

Syllabi for all the classes I’ve taught at Georgia State and Duke.

Search the archives of tedfriedman.com,, 2005-2011, including blog posts, book chapters, and journal articles.

Welcome to the new Tedlog.

Here’s the rebooted Tedlog, now subtitled Mythos and Logos on the Commons. This site will replace the old Tedlog: Culture, Politics and Technology, which I started about five years ago with the help of the incredible Nate Steiner. I’ll be blogging about my current project, A Centaur Manifesto, which is about bringing together the discourses of fantasy and science fiction in order to imagine better futures. It brings together the ideology theory of Fredric Jameson, Slavoj Zizek and Phillip Wegner with the depth psychology of post-Jungians like Robert Johnson, James Hillman, Andrew Samuels, David Tacey, and Susan Rowland.