Welcome to my podcast, Tedcast. I’ll be posting class lectures, talks, and other audio clips.

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Episode 1: Fantasy & SF

In the opening class of Fantasy & Science Fiction, I introduce the concept of genre and discuss what distinguishes fantasy and science fiction, and what they share.


Episode 2 – Magic & Extrapolation

In the second Fantasy & Science Fiction class, we discuss the key tropes of fantasy and science fiction: magic and extrapolation.


Episode 3 – Interviewed by Erik Davis

The third Tedcast takes a break from my Fantasy & Science Fiction lectures to present an interview with me conducted by Erik Davis. Erik hosts Expanding Minds on the Progressive Radio Network, and is author of numerous books, including a great study of Led Zeppelin IV and the new collection Nomad Codes. Erik and I go back to college, where we worked together on a zine. Here we talk about the Centaur Manifesto, critical theory, and the tensions between being an academic and a public intellectual.

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