FarmVille: The Garden in the Machine

I just wrote a short piece, FarmVille: The Garden in the Machine, as a “curator’s note” for the digital humanities website In Media Res. Here’s the slideshow that goes with it:

2 thoughts on “FarmVille: The Garden in the Machine

  1. Terry Green

    I think it does have the potential to keep you in touch with friends. I haven’t found that a lot of my friends, however, play it.

    It’s a little annoying when you are doing a task and a pop-up captures the screen until you deal with it.

    I worry about my facebook postings annoying others who are not playing.

    One think I note is that, I don’t check in on the actual facebook very often, with crops in the field to tend to, etc.

    It is addictive, but I am keeping in touch with some people who I know I wouldn’t otherwise do. I might try another game to branch out a little.


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